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Chuck Shank Profile

What is the most difficult roofing project you've completed?
A 20,000 square feet hospital emergency room removal and replacement that had as many penetrations as it did square feet. The project was a pitch tear off with fleece back membrane going back with urethane spray adhesive. The job was supposed to go in September, but by the time all the administrative barriers were rectified, the snow was falling. At this point, it was, obviously, below 40 degrees Fahrenheit which is too cold to use spray adhesive. Therefore, asphalt had to be used. This was a real challenge to keep the fumes out of the ventilation system, not the 20,000 penetrations or the shoveling snow and ice every morning. There was not much sleep during this 4 week period!

Why did you become a roofing contractor?
Some days, I still ask myself that same question.....only kidding! In the early days, it paid the bills and I enjoyed it. I saw an opportunity for a company, structured the right way, to be in demand in this industry.

What do you do to relieve stress?
Landscaping, gardening and riding my Harley.

What is the most challenging aspect of your job?
There is a weekly itinerary prepared for Monday mornings, the hardest thing out there is trying to be assured, by weeks end, that these items on the itinerary have been addressed. I believe one must set high goals and think "out of the box" to reach these goals. I guess you can say this is the overacheiver in me.

What was your first roofing experience?
The summer after my junior year in high school was spent working on a 260,000 square feet plate bonded system. I do not think I ever put that many screws in a deck since then, and this was when we did not have stand up screw guns. My back was never the same!

What is your favorite item on your desk?
A figurine of Santa on a Harley! This reminds me all year around of the looks on my boys' faces during our favorite time of year, the Christmas season.

What do you consider your most rewarding experiences?
First, Marrying my lovely wife Kathleen, and secondly, watching and being part of the lives of my 3 sons.

What is your favorite vacation?
That's easy, our three family vacations to Disney world. They just keep getting better every time!

What was your first job?
Delivering a weekly newspaper on Wednesday evenings when I was 12. Those were the days when a twelve year old could ride around a neighborhood on a bike, delivering papers at 9 o'clock at night. The most memorable part of this job was that on inclement Wednesday nights, my dad would drive me around the route and then we would go to the Seven Eleven for Slurpees, this was a Philadelphia thing!
My Dad taught me the rules of life - I miss my Dad dearly.

What do you consider a waste of time?
Not having a plan, otherwise you are flying by the seat of your pants and you don't stand a chance at whatever task you are trying to accomplish. So, why bother?

What is your biggest pet peeve?
Without a doubt, going back to take care of something that was not done correctly the first time around.

What are your best and worst habits?
Being detail orientated is my best habit but this is also my worst habit, I drive my wife nuts!

All work performed by Roof Services Company, whether small repairs or larger replacement projects, is detail oriented. This makes us one of the leaders in the industry. Let us prove it to you! 732-247-1777!

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